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Top 4 Spicy Things To Spice Up Your Life


The world would be such a bland place to live if there was no spice in it. A little gossip here and a bit of bitching there cannot do any harm to anyone. In fact it would add a zest to life. Probably there are many ways but this is simple and best. If you are interested to know the various ways spice can be included in your life, just read below and do not forget to add yours too.



This word ”spicy” is more associated with food. Though half the world is divided with people liking spicy food and the other half not. This surely adds some color and texture to your life and specially to your taste buds. As a typical Indian we swear by spicy curries. Not to forget the various street foods which are both spicy and mouth watering.



How can this be related to spicy? But surely it is. A spicy sex  does releases hormones essential for well being of humans. It does ignite a feeling of passion and love. A feeling of being loved and wanted.



A hot and attractive blonde is like a spice that burns your tongue. I may be sounding bad but spicy girls ( and not Spice Girls) make up for half the human population. She is not spicy just because of her looks but because of her attitude towards life.


The real hot chillies that are spicy to its core. It may be red, yellow or green but the burning sensation it gives  just blows the mind out of the head. There are various types of chillies available through out the globe. But one of the most spiciest is the Mirchdholakia available in north-eastern part of India.


The word spicy is often simultaneously used with hot, red and smoky. It stirs up the otherwise dull activities of daily grinding. So spice up your life with any of the above or more and do let me know what is the spice of your life.




What does Miss Sunshine do on a Foggy day?

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foggy day1            foggy day2

When the sun is in and the clouds are out and winter has set in a perfect setting to sleep well past mid-day. To get up late on this type of Sunday morning has long been my dream. A dream that is yet to be filled. Getting up late, finishing your delicious lunch and back to bed. This has been my cherished dream.

On a foggy day watching my favorite movies back to back from bed while munching all my favorite snacks with all my besties and surely some not my besties too.

Sleeping has and will always be my priority on any free day and specially on a cold foggy day. Sipping on my favorite coffee and watching the birds and the changing color of sky is  top on the list.

I live in a hilly area and foggy days are quite usual. A perfect foggy day or an afternoon would be to be with my best friend and sharing and giggling all our secrets out over our cup of tea or any other beverage.

I love to cook for my family and friends. On a foggy day i would love to cook fried pakoras ( believe me it is delicious) and an elaborate meal. But this should not be time consuming cause i would love to spend time with them too.

I am not a nature lover but going out on a foggy day and enjoying the cold breeze while having hot corns.

These are some of my favorite things that i love doing on a foggy day. Do share yours too.


T- talks


In Indian subcontinent tea is a very popular beverage. It is customary for the host to ask for a cup of tea. I think it is offered next to a glass of water. It is like the beginning of conversation or the breaking of ice between strangers.

I was introduced to tea by my mother and granny who were tea addicts. I must have learned the procedure of making tea from them. Back then and even today in some parts it is a must for all young girls to know how to make the perfect cup of tea. This was considered an essential benchmark by the prospective groom and his family. Thank God! I was not part of this race. But i think and you surely will agree even the boys should know and be taught to make a good cup of tea.

The world’s best tea is grown in India in West Bengal, Darjelling.tea

Encouraged by friends and family, i think i make the best cup of tea provided i am in the mood for it. Though seldom i have tasted it for sugar. I would surely like to share my this little secret of making the perfect cup of tea. In fact i remember making tea was considered as entry to kitchen (which back then i just loath)

To make the perfect cup of tea all you need is a little patience. With time and practise you can also be the best tea maker among your family and friends as i am which at times is very irritating.

Making that perfect cup of tea

Ingredients (for 2 cups- i seldom make one )

Tea leaves (any make will do but i have been using Red Label/ Taj)- 3tsp

Milk(optional, though i prefer including it)-  1 cup

Sugar- according to taste

Ginger- to taste

Cardamom powder- a pinch

Water- 1 cup


Take a pan. Add water and milk. Let it boil. When it starts boiling, add crushed ginger and cardamom powder. Let it boil for at least 2 to 3 minutes.aid374895-v4-728px-Make-an-Indian-Tea-Step-12-preview

Add tea leaves. Let it boil again for 8- 10 minutes.

It becomes reddish- brown in colour. Some might like it a darker or a lighter shade- a personal preference. Add the required amount of sugar. Let it boil again.hqdefault

After a minute or two, with the help of a strainer, strain it in a cup. images

Wow your perfect cuppa is ready!! So invite your gang of family or friends and enjoy that late afternoon or early evening beverage with some light snacks. But do even let me know your experience.



Raining Rain

rainy days

Much have been said and written about this wonderful change of season. When the heavenly clouds pour their heart to mortal beings of Earth. I till late had no-love-hate relation with this season. But my love for it started, when i realized the beauty of it, through the eyes of my little girl.

This letter is written by my daughter to her friend describing her problems to communicate to and fro from her school. She also describes how the season changes her activities and moods.


Manya. I hope you enjoyed your vacations with your grandparents. How are they? Now that your school has reopened you must be busy with it. Your unit exams must be on or is it over? By the way how is the weather in your city? Too many question as usual.

As about me my school has started, exams are over. The best part is the rain. Rain in Kolkata is unpredictable. My mother says it is bad to get drenched in rain for it might cause fever and a host of other ailments. You, know i too hate it. 

But the last Sunday when i was returning from Sia’s  home, it started drizzling. At first i panicked but when the rain drops touched my face i liked it. The cold droplet of water made my body shiver but there was some warmth in it. Like it wanted to be played with or to be appreciated. I wanted to run and take shelter at the nearby shop – i even wanted to feel the rain.

My house was not far, but i wanted to play with the droplets of water falling on the ground, making the splash sound as they hit the hard surface of the earth or the soft green grasses. Droplets of rain falling from sky on the earth made puddles. Suddenly the light drizzle gave way to heavy shower. I did not wanted to run in rain but i knew the rain would not stop. So happily i made my way in rain to my house.

Believe me, it was the best time. The wetness of the rain water combined with splashing of water is wonderful. I enjoyed it and wished you were even there with me. When i reached home my mother was surprised but she quickly understood about my love for rain. 

So what did you felt about my experience ? Have you ever enjoyed rain or grumbled? Do write and share with me. I would be eagerly looking forward to your letter. 

Your best friend, 












India is a beautiful land full of rich culture and heritage. These timeless heritage and culture makes us stand tall. Our history is full of men and women, who have left a permanent mark not only on us but also the world as a whole.

Every nook and corner of this vast country is filled with rich tales of its glorious past. A past that makes us proud hearted and head held high. To cover the richness of this country i am not an apt blogger. So, just a glimpse of the full of life city.

Calcutta or Kolkata,is  a metropolitan city in the eastern side of India. A beautiful city, made more charming by its history and without any doubt its people( like me!)


The very busy Howrah Bridge with stories both old and new 


The scared river Ganga that flows from the Himalayas pass through the city and its banks provide tranquil as well as full of life clicks.bridge1_te

The new bridge or Vidyasagar Setu connecting Kolkatta to its twin sister Howrah.calcutta-s-taxis-81266.jpg

The world famous yellow taxis reliable and comfortable.424836484_384b98a60f_n

The best enviroment friendly mode of transport.kolkata-metro-train

A rare combination of age old tram and the new age metro.



Best game to indulge on a rainy afternoon.

These are just some of rare moments that our city is full of. Come and visit the country, India and the state West Bengal to feel the vibrating pulse and rejuvenate yourself with its culturally rich traditions and heritage.


Daily Promptsratan-tata2

Superb speech by Mr. Ratan Tata, an Indian enterpreneur at a reputed educational institution.

Don’t just have career or academic goals.Set goals to give you a balanced sucessful life. Balanced means ensuring your health,relationships, mental peace are all in good order. There is no point in getting a promotion on the day of your break-up. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions. Don’t take life seriously. Life is not meant to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are all like a prepaid card with limited validity.

I just loved the speech to the core. It is meaningful in  present day scenario plus insipirational too.