Top 4 Spicy Things To Spice Up Your Life


The world would be such a bland place to live if there was no spice in it. A little gossip here and a bit of bitching there cannot do any harm to anyone. In fact it would add a zest to life. Probably there are many ways but this is simple and best. If you are interested to know the various ways spice can be included in your life, just read below and do not forget to add yours too.



This word ”spicy” is more associated with food. Though half the world is divided with people liking spicy food and the other half not. This surely adds some color and texture to your life and specially to your taste buds. As a typical Indian we swear by spicy curries. Not to forget the various street foods which are both spicy and mouth watering.



How can this be related to spicy? But surely it is. A spicy sex  does releases hormones essential for well being of humans. It does ignite a feeling of passion and love. A feeling of being loved and wanted.



A hot and attractive blonde is like a spice that burns your tongue. I may be sounding bad but spicy girls ( and not Spice Girls) make up for half the human population. She is not spicy just because of her looks but because of her attitude towards life.


The real hot chillies that are spicy to its core. It may be red, yellow or green but the burning sensation it gives  just blows the mind out of the head. There are various types of chillies available through out the globe. But one of the most spiciest is the Mirchdholakia available in north-eastern part of India.


The word spicy is often simultaneously used with hot, red and smoky. It stirs up the otherwise dull activities of daily grinding. So spice up your life with any of the above or more and do let me know what is the spice of your life.




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