What does Miss Sunshine do on a Foggy day?

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When the sun is in and the clouds are out and winter has set in a perfect setting to sleep well past mid-day. To get up late on this type of Sunday morning has long been my dream. A dream that is yet to be filled. Getting up late, finishing your delicious lunch and back to bed. This has been my cherished dream.

On a foggy day watching my favorite movies back to back from bed while munching all my favorite snacks with all my besties and surely some not my besties too.

Sleeping has and will always be my priority on any free day and specially on a cold foggy day. Sipping on my favorite coffee and watching the birds and the changing color of sky is  top on the list.

I live in a hilly area and foggy days are quite usual. A perfect foggy day or an afternoon would be to be with my best friend and sharing and giggling all our secrets out over our cup of tea or any other beverage.

I love to cook for my family and friends. On a foggy day i would love to cook fried pakoras ( believe me it is delicious) and an elaborate meal. But this should not be time consuming cause i would love to spend time with them too.

I am not a nature lover but going out on a foggy day and enjoying the cold breeze while having hot corns.

These are some of my favorite things that i love doing on a foggy day. Do share yours too.