Raining Rain

rainy days

Much have been said and written about this wonderful change of season. When the heavenly clouds pour their heart to mortal beings of Earth. I till late had no-love-hate relation with this season. But my love for it started, when i realized the beauty of it, through the eyes of my little girl.

This letter is written by my daughter to her friend describing her problems to communicate to and fro from her school. She also describes how the season changes her activities and moods.


Manya. I hope you enjoyed your vacations with your grandparents. How are they? Now that your school has reopened you must be busy with it. Your unit exams must be on or is it over? By the way how is the weather in your city? Too many question as usual.

As about me my school has started, exams are over. The best part is the rain. Rain in Kolkata is unpredictable. My mother says it is bad to get drenched in rain for it might cause fever and a host of other ailments. You, know i too hate it. 

But the last Sunday when i was returning from Sia’s  home, it started drizzling. At first i panicked but when the rain drops touched my face i liked it. The cold droplet of water made my body shiver but there was some warmth in it. Like it wanted to be played with or to be appreciated. I wanted to run and take shelter at the nearby shop – i even wanted to feel the rain.

My house was not far, but i wanted to play with the droplets of water falling on the ground, making the splash sound as they hit the hard surface of the earth or the soft green grasses. Droplets of rain falling from sky on the earth made puddles. Suddenly the light drizzle gave way to heavy shower. I did not wanted to run in rain but i knew the rain would not stop. So happily i made my way in rain to my house.

Believe me, it was the best time. The wetness of the rain water combined with splashing of water is wonderful. I enjoyed it and wished you were even there with me. When i reached home my mother was surprised but she quickly understood about my love for rain. 

So what did you felt about my experience ? Have you ever enjoyed rain or grumbled? Do write and share with me. I would be eagerly looking forward to your letter. 

Your best friend,