Durga Puja- A  nine day long festival celebrating female power in all its glory



India is a beautiful land full of rich culture and heritage. These timeless heritage and culture makes us stand tall. Our history is full of men and women, who have left a permanent mark not only on us but also the world as a whole.

Every nook and corner of this vast country is filled with rich tales of its glorious past. A past that makes us proud hearted and head held high. To cover the richness of this country i am not an apt blogger. So, just a glimpse of the full of life city.

Calcutta or Kolkata,is  a metropolitan city in the eastern side of India. A beautiful city, made more charming by its history and without any doubt its people( like me!)

The very busy Howrah Bridge with stories both old and new 


The scared river Ganga that flows from the Himalayas pass through the city and its banks provide tranquil as well as full of life clicks.bridge1_te

The new bridge or Vidyasagar Setu connecting Kolkatta to its twin sister Howrah.calcutta-s-taxis-81266.jpg

The world famous yellow taxis reliable and comfortable.424836484_384b98a60f_n

The best enviroment friendly mode of transport.kolkata-metro-train

A rare combination of age old tram and the new age metro.



Best game to indulge on a rainy afternoon.

These are just some of rare moments that our city is full of. Come and visit the country, India and the state West Bengal to feel the vibrating pulse and rejuvenate yourself with its culturally rich traditions and heritage.


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