This fair often called the Canton Trade fair is the biggest fair trade in the world; 24.000 companies and 59.000 exhibitions. Buyers from all over the world and sellers from China get together to trade. This year it does not sell like before. The business is on the lowest ever in the 60 years history […]

via The Trade fair in Guangzhou China — Nils Volden

ChIna for me defines Huge in every possible sense. So does the Canton fair. When we decided to visit the Canton fair, I was sure to find something amazing. But the fair in itself made me awestruck. The enormous structure at Pazhou is amazing. It is indeed one of the biggest world fair.

We visited the fair on the third-phase that is the consumer goods one. I was taken aback to see the huge sea of human beings. There was no differentiation on any grounds be it nationality, religion or financial status. People with different belief, caste and creed moved around with equal ease. No differentiation on political or geographical regions.

As i was first timer i had to get my ID card. The process was simple. I was ushered to a group of teenagers sitting behind the desk, fidgeting with their phones. But efficient in the alloted jobs. Thumbs-up to the country for involving the youth. We were checked and our baggages screened. The exhibition centre was just Massive. For me it was eternity. There was no end and beginning to it.                                                                                                 Some tips to first timer                                                                                                                   1.There are  lot of information booths on either sides of the hall. Do avail the facility for inquiring.                                                                                                                                         2.Follow the guide or the map available at the kiosks or the info booths. Ask for directions from the security personnel or at the booth                                                                   3.  If not sure with the Chinese language do not hesitate to appoint an interpreter. It is available for a minimal charge.                                                                                                             4.There is also the free Wi-fi available at the fair. Do avail the service. The app can also be downloaded for future business deal.

The fair has a global feel in it. So remember to be at your best cause you represent your country. Moreover there are a lot of free souvenirs to be collected and some really cheap but awesome gifts. The Chinese are a real tough people to bargain with, they know their business quite well. They are really innovative.


2 thoughts on “A NOVICE IN CANTON FAIR

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