The overall academic results of her children showed a marked improvement. Though it was sudden in the report card but only she knew the hard struggle she and her children had gone through. The kids had promised her that the spike would remain moving up. She was elated at the very thought of it.

Her husband had even informed about his forthcoming holidays. He had called her a few days back about his sudden vacation. He was an officer in the Indian army posted in the north-eastern parts of the country.

She was happy not only for the kids and her husband but there was something else too. The over-worked, always busy Leena was seldom seen gossiping or partying. She did not believe in socializing either. She  was happy for herself too.

During the prolonged absence of her husband, she had taken up her long forgotten hobbies. She had started teaching. It was only some months after joining when the school authority had decided to give her a permanent post. She was basking in happiness.

But life had other plans for her. The spike in her happiness was just as durable as soap bubbles. But I would like to give a break here. I would like to know from you as a reader what do you think could have happened in her life. Please feel free to give your valuable suggestions on the comment box below.

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