Spike The overall academic results of her children showed a marked improvement. Though it was sudden in the report card but only she knew the hard struggle she and her children had gone through. The kids had promised her that the spike would remain moving up. She was elated at the very thought of […]



<a href="http://<a hrefJolt“>Jolt“> He woke up from the deep slumber with a great jolt, enough to move the heaven and earth together. ”What is it?  Why are you sleeping again?” the teacher shouted at the ten year old boy. The little boy unaware of its surrounding as is the case from waking up after a […]

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Late, Later, Latest

via Daily Prompt: Later She was a busy daughter, sister, wife, mother and a friend. For her a day that’s 24 hours was too short. She wanted to fulfill all her duties to the brim. As a daughter she wanted to keep her parents happy, as sis she wanted her siblings to achieve their goals, […]

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