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The overall academic results of her children showed a marked improvement. Though it was sudden in the report card but only she knew the hard struggle she and her children had gone through. The kids had promised her that the spike would remain moving up. She was elated at the very thought of it.

Her husband had even informed about his forthcoming holidays. He had called her a few days back about his sudden vacation. He was an officer in the Indian army posted in the north-eastern parts of the country.

She was happy not only for the kids and her husband but there was something else too. The over-worked, always busy Leena was seldom seen gossiping or partying. She did not believe in socializing either. She  was happy for herself too.

During the prolonged absence of her husband, she had taken up her long forgotten hobbies. She had started teaching. It was only some months after joining when the school authority had decided to give her a permanent post. She was basking in happiness.

But life had other plans for her. The spike in her happiness was just as durable as soap bubbles. But I would like to give a break here. I would like to know from you as a reader what do you think could have happened in her life. Please feel free to give your valuable suggestions on the comment box below.

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He woke up from the deep slumber with a great jolt, enough to move the heaven and earth together. ”What is it?  Why are you sleeping again?” the teacher shouted at the ten year old boy. The little boy unaware of its surrounding as is the case from waking up after a deep relaxing sleep. Before he could put up with an excuse he was thrown out of the class.

It was the first day of the week and just the second period, it was a long day ahead for our little Gopi. He detested going to school not because of studies but the way it was done. Though he hardly knew the difference between the two.

He wished if schools were not everyday. Just on the days he liked. He hardly had any preference as regard to any subjects. Though at times he liked listening to the History teacher. The stories she said about the kings ,their battles, or the way they ruled. But that was just once in a blue moon.

He had just one earthly reason to come to school- play. He use to come to school before school hours and would stay back after school. He loved being on the playground. Playing in the scorching heat or even in the rain. He loved it and no one could stop him. His favorite sport was football. He could play it alone and even with many.

Gopi stood quietly outside the class, his face towards the wall. He knew if he saw the playground, it would reckon him and he would be in it. He wanted to feel the dry mud in his feet but was scared. The teacher had warned him. Moreover he had fever the last week because of playing in the scorching heat. He wanted to run away but could not.

Finally, the bell rang.The teacher came out of the class. But our little Gopi was not outside. She was sure to find him in the ground and was thinking of some fearful punishment so that he does not repeat the nuisance. But Gopi was not there in the field . She asked the peon and guard but they denied having seen him. She was sure to find him in the restroom but he was not there. Where had he gone? Had he vanished?

He had slipped into the classroom when she was searching her in the field. He had played to his little desire.


Late, Later, Latest

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She was a busy daughter, sister, wife, mother and a friend. For her a day that’s 24 hours was too short. She wanted to fulfill all her duties to the brim. As a daughter she wanted to keep her parents happy, as sis she wanted her siblings to achieve their goals, as wife to be at the side of her partner, as mother to protect her kids from bad world and as a friend to guide her companions to the right path. In other words she aimed for perfection for her near and dear ones.

Her day started early in the morning usually in the kitchen preparing tiffin for her kids. This gave way to other household chores till it was late in the afternoon. She had no time as her own time. Little did she realize that she was missing on something. But she kept herself so busy that she did not even realize the pleasures of what she was missing on. Every time her parents insisted her to sit with them she would go away saying she has some work to finish. Or her siblings tried to talk she would shrug them off. Her work did not permitted her to spend much time with her partner or kids.

Life is surely not a bed of roses nor it is a smooth line. It is full of downs with very less ups. Who is this SHE? Our main character or the protagonist is someone like us and is not necessarily a female. It can be a male too. So was this SHE so monotonous and boring from the scratch? Let’s try to find out.

A carefree little girl sat on the roadside beneath the tree. It was early morning probably time for school for little girls like her. A middle aged man passed by and on seeing the girl stopped as if in surprise or sheer anger. “So what are you doing here? Should not you be at school at this time?” By the time she could answer , she was already dragged towards school. Her teacher tried but in vain. She had little or no friends. The small group that she had usually mocked her. But in that group was a little girl who had a soft corner for her.

Her days passed by as wild perfume. She had all the time in the world to gaze at the sky, flying birds, play with running springs and sleep under the shadow of a huge banyan tree. She was wild, carefree but timid. She was unlike other girls of her age. She loved to roam around while others preferred indoors.

Time changed and so our little girl grew up to be a young girl. But now her carefree innocence was considered irresponsible. The mocking of her friends grew and her family even took up. Human heart is like wet earth and it takes the impression very quickly. But as every action has both good and bad side. The mocking did effect our girl. As to how and when is a matter of secret. But the girl started being more responsible.

Now it was the world’s turn to mould her. And what it moulded as we see her in the present day. She has no time for herself to stand and gaze the sky or the flying birds or even to play with water. Now we say her to stop but her only reply is ,”Later”.