Magical Elixir

via Daily Prompt: Elixirimg_2542

What is Elixir? I kept on wondering and the more i wondered the more wondering it became.

First droplets of rain on a parched land or warm sunlight on an icy cold morning? A big smile on a mother’s face after seeing her child or the shrill cry of a new born? The first morsel of food to an empty stomach or the beggars only earning of the day? The baby’s first step or the unemployed young man first paycheck? The old man’s ability to do his daily task or my first published blog?

I consider all these magical. For me this is elixir because i  believe in making one rather than waiting. I try to make my each moment magical by living it. I believe in His Supreme power. It is exceptionally out of the world but at the same time for the world.

Elixir,  miraculous, magical and mysterious. A word meaning sweet flavored liquid capable of curing disease or improving all ills. What does  elixir to you mean? I would be very happy to share your thoughts. Please do write and tell.Waiting eagerly for your comments.


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