Minimal Memories

via Daily Prompt: Minimal

img_0073Minimal – very little,negligible, less, scarce are some of the words associated with it.      While it is little for some but it may be all for others.

Little feet running across the soft green grass with excitement that was filled to the brim in their tiny hearts. Though, occasionally the green blades did hurt their soft skin but it could not stop the fun. What fun and merriment they had that they forgot that light was slowly being taken over by darkness. ”Come on, let’s go ” an old voice called. The voice was old but filled with happiness as he knew that the children were having their best time of the day. Once back home their usual monotonous routine would begin. So to see them laugh and play was his priority.

“I will have ice cream today, Baba” said the eldest of his two grand daughters. ”But i will have a balloon Baba”. He just could not say no to them. ”Okay we will all have ice-cream and then i will take balloons for you. But i will take three balloons, one for your brother too.” So the rare group of three took their place on the park bench and relished their ice cream sticks.

”Want to go to the temple?” said the grandfather wanting to spend some more time with his grandchildren away from the house. ”But why now?  We will go tomorrow morning Baba”. said the elder one to which the younger even nodded in consent. “Then we will go today and tomorrow morning even”. with this they set out for the nearby Shiv temple.

”Look i have got some sweet berries for you. You will have it or should i give it to your sister” said grandfather to his elder granddaughter. “No i will have the whole. You know berries are my favorite. Thank you for bringing”. With these words she started filling her mouth with it.

Suddenly the tiny feet grew up and it was taking big steps quickly. It was running across the grass fields. But there was no one to stop her. She cried for her grandfather but he was far away standing on a hilltop. He could not hear her. He was even running but the distance was too far.

So the daughter and the father could never met because he had gone far away and she still dreams of his coming back. Will he come to his little daughter or not ? But the daughter still prays to meet him some day.



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