As Vivid as sky.

Friendly Sky

via Daily Prompt: Vivid

I consider Nature as my best teacher. I look up to her for all my answers to the many questions that life challenges me. Humans have the awesome quality of cheating. But Nature is pure. It considers everyone equal and i just love this.

People left me for i was a fool in their eyes. I was broken both mentally and financially. At times and i am sure financially broken is greater than being mentally. But to me in reality it is mentally and not finance. I cried as to why this crisis on me of all the people? Why i am not the lucky one? Why should i face all the hardships? I just hated myself. But then i had none to console me, to advise me. I kept on feeling sorry and miserable for myself. I started feeling guilty of something which i had no idea. It was like being engulfed or being trapped in a dark dungeon. There was no sunlight at the horizon.

Life is a mysterious puzzle.I was sure to be doomed and i could even see it. I use to sit and watch the day pass by, the birds soaring high in the sky, white ball of clouds pass by and then moon coming. I started loving it. To sit and gaze the open sky became my favorite pastime. I could feel the sky was opening its arms to hug me. The clouds would wipe my tears, the sunshine bought light of hope in my life.

Answers that were alien to me became friendly. We all know the various answers that life throw upon us, it just becomes blurred. Instead of why crisis, why not the crisis. I am very much capable of handling it so why not. If no crisis then what? Life would be monotonously boring. Hardships makes you all the more stronger and the experience that comes with it is worth all riches in the world.

I look upon the sky as not an element of Nature. It is a friend and a guide to me. It showed me the way to fight instead of becoming weak. As it fights the everyday battle of sunshine over the dark night. The dark clouds passing over it are just for a while. The scorching heat usually brings showers of rain in the form of hope. A new life emerges from this hope. And i hope to grow more stronger and scale new height as the sky. I just love the vividness the sky brings to my life.