Doubtful doubt

cropped-img_3560Doubt. According to the English dictionary doubt comes from Middle English word douten that is Anglo French or the Old French word douter, and also from the Latin word dubitare. It is a  combination of these words all meaning to waver, hesitate, be uncertain.

Doubt- so easily walks in through our senses to our mind that unknowingly it occupies a permanent place in our body. The mind becomes weak and the heart looses its ability to cope up. An air of negativity soon envelopes the entire body. Result, we do not even try and loose the task before trying it. It is rightly said when in doubt consult the master

Where does doubt hail from?

Does doubt have any nationality, origin or any birth place? Where does it exactly originates from? Why does it comes and weaken us? Is it common to all of us or some are spared its burnt? Many of these questions haunt us. What do we do to save the turmoil? How do we protect ourselves?

Doubt is  condition or state of mind when heart and mind are oppose to each other. The mind with its logic thinking wants it but the heart due to its previous bad experience does not approve of it or vice versa. In simple words heart and mind are not working in accordance to each other. There are plenty of instances from our everyday life which are pretty good examples of this situation.For example getting up early in the morning when the heart wants to sleep but the mind wants to get up. This is a very simple situation whereas life is full of complex and tangled situation.

As a womb in the uterus the mother is at doubt as to whether its baby is healthy or not? As kids the parents are in doubt as to which educational institution would cater to their kid. As teenagers we are at doubt as to which course to choose that will fulfill our aspirations. A little later we are in doubt about our choice of life partners. Life is full of ifs and buts of doubts.

At times or every time we expect a lot from ourselves. We want to excel in all little we do. We are scared, afraid of darkness, failure. We do not limit this high expectation to ourselves but also expect others. Those who fail are considered to be low in it. This demarkation is created by us.

LIVE TO ENJOY LIFE WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATION. We all know the fact that life is beautiful, live it to enjoy rather to be sorry for little meaningless things. Living with limited means in a hut is far better than living in a castle grumbling for little things. This sounds unrealistic but whatever you do, where ever you live try to be happy. Work hard but expect less cause He assigns the rewards and He is not partial. He gives everyone their due but at the right time. So let your time come and you will surely shine.

Do write and tell me about your doubts. We will surely get together and work a way out of it.Till then keep shinning!!