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The sky was clear of the black clouds that previous night had camoulflaged it. A certain calmness prevailed in the atmosphere. It was typical after a  stormy night. But there was no storm last night. I am sure because i was awake. But then why this killing stillness ?  Was it the sign of an approaching storm??

My heart began to beat faster at the very thought of it. We stay in the remote part of the world where rain and storm is not welcome. Rain brings flood and water flooded homes. Storms destroy all the little things that we have accumalated over our life. We stay in remote coastal areas where our living depends on sea.                                                                          It neither rained nor there was any storm that day. But the entire day the likes of me were in doldrums as to what nature has in store. We might have conquored  the moon but still are at the mercy of Nature. Human have solution to all the problems but some needs to remain unsolved. It is for the good of all the mankind. Man is not the master but just a server in His kingdom and this should be remembered.