Magical Elixir

via Daily Prompt: Elixir What is Elixir? I kept on wondering and the more i wondered the more wondering it became. First droplets of rain on a parched land or warm sunlight on an icy cold morning? A big smile on a mother’s face after seeing her child or the shrill cry of a new […]

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Minimal Memories

via Daily Prompt: Minimal Minimal – very little,negligible, less, scarce are some of the words associated with it.      While it is little for some but it may be all for others. Little feet running across the soft green grass with excitement that was filled to the brim in their tiny hearts. Though, occasionally […]

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As Vivid as sky.

via Daily Prompt: Vivid I consider Nature as my best teacher. I look up to her for all my answers to the many questions that life challenges me. Humans have the awesome quality of cheating. But Nature is pure. It considers everyone equal and i just love this. People left me for i was a […]

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Doubtful doubt

Doubt. According to the English dictionary doubt comes from Middle English word douten that is Anglo French or the Old French word douter, and also from the Latin word dubitare. It is a  combination of these words all meaning to waver, hesitate, be uncertain. Doubt- so easily walks in through our senses to our mind that unknowingly it occupies a […]

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      via Daily Prompt: Center The sky was clear of the black clouds that previous night had camoulflaged it. A certain calmness prevailed in the atmosphere. It was typical after a  stormy night. But there was no storm last night. I am sure because i was awake. But then why this killing stillness ?  Was […]

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