Colors. Amazingly influence so much in our life. Nature’s gift to mankind to express emotions without expressing in words. It so easily expresses our emotions and feelings is a real surprise.

Colors means a lot to many of us. We try to categorize it like red with blood, passion, blue with water, sky and vastness. As a child my favourite color was yellow. I think i still love yellow. I loved that color because of its freshness. The huge amount of energy that it imparted was great. As a teenager i changed to pink, blue, purple and of course green. I was surely not an artist. Nor my moods or temperments changed. I was a normal child trying to make my space in this universe. I was just not sure to exactly what i wanted. At times i wanted to conquer the world. At other i just wanted to be myself, self contended.

Now at the ripe of my age i feel i should start pursuing my dreams once more. I dreamt of writing. I was and still i am so scared of accepting my goals and dreams. I try to run around things that does not matter. But something that matters to me is left untouched. I feel i am so un prepared with my work, However hard do i try i am sure there will be some loopholes. I am scared of that. I am frightened of falling.

I want when i hit the button all eyes should fall on me. I should be appreciated, applauded for my work. I tend to forget to rise i have to fall. But then i have fallen enough. This are my view. I need to work on weak areas and then i will rise. The many shades of red becomes my favourite color.

I may sound pessimist and waiting too eagerly for success but then i am not. I am excited about my tomorrow as i am for my today. I look up for each day as some new experience. I have had a good share of failure as well as success. I am ready to go that extra mile in search of new experience. Experience that will enrich me. I might be scared but i will not let it go. I will fall but will not give up.

So what should be my favourite color be? White, black, blue….  I love colors. I love the positivity it emits. There is no selfishness or ego in them. It looks the same. But we perceive it differently.  I love the rainbow.

Share your favorite color with me and why? Would just love to hear from you. Waiting eagerly for your reply. Till then stay healthy and be confident.



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